Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello! I apologize for the delay in updating; life has been extremely hectic as I have recently moved. That being said, things at Fatty's are going great, and all the college students are coming back which make me a lot busier.
I'm happy Fall is approaching becuase people will not be swimming as much. People always feel more inclined to get pierced in the summer time but really and truly this is the worst time for a fresh piercing. Even if you can manage to stay out of the pool with the chlorine and oodles of bacteria that can make your piercing super angry, and manage to stay out of the ocean- what about the sand? what about sunscreen? what about the ridiculous amount of humidity in the DC/Maryland area that will cause your piercing to stay damp all day long? It's just not a good time to get a piercing. Period. For some reason though, I'm always much busier in the summer then in the winter. Oh well I guess...
A nice young man I know named Mason has recently moved back to Maryland. He's a great piercer and will be picking up a few days here and there at Fatty's when I need to take off. He will also be working for most of Wednesdays each week, so come visit him and give him a nice warm welcome. That's all for now!