Saturday, December 18, 2010

still holiday shopping?

It's almost Christmas time everyone and I wanted to remind you that if you know someone who has piercings, new body jewelry can make a great present. We have a lot of nice shiny things in the case right now so stop by Fatty's to check it out.

Also, sorry but my website is down right now. I'm redoing it...well a friend is redoing it and jazzing it up and whatnot. I cant wait till it's all fancy and new!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Support your local piercing studio!!!

As written by a very talented piercer-friend of mine(Courtney Jane Maxwell):

"These days, body jewelry is available literally EVERYWHERE. You can even buy it in a gas station. I'm sure most people have heard that there are large differences in quality, as far as material, design, and construction. While I personally don't like the idea of people spending the time and money to get a piercing, then wearing junky, poor fitting, or even dangerous jewelry in it, I do understand that it is YOUR RIGHT to wear whatever jewelry you want, even if it can cause serious consequences.

I have a different idea to present to you about body jewelry. This one is regarding economics. Piercing studios are not an endlessly profitable business. They are not like some, where they can grow almost indefinitely. A piercing studio will always be limited by the fact that people will only get so many piercings, and only so many people can actually have piercings, because of work or school. Part of what keeps a studio going, is being able to sell jewelry. Obviously, there is the added bonus that your piercer has the knowledge to help you select jewelry that will be the best for your piercing- they are also generally the only place that will specialize in body jewelry. This means, more variety. While the store in the mall have the lip ring you want in only one size, a piercing studio will typical have, or be able to order, hundreds of size and color combinations for you. This way you can actually get what you want, instead of settling for what is there. That is all in addition to the ever present issue of quality.

It's really pretty simple: If people don't support their local piercing studio, there is no way they can stay in business. So while you may run in to see your piercer for jewelry changes, advice, help stretching, and number of other services, (Some they don't even charge for!), that professional can only be there to help you if they have a studio to work in. Everyday, more and more retail stores and websites begin selling bargain basement body jewelry. Everyday, one less person buys their jewelry from the local piercing studio. What I'm getting at, is that if you value the service your local piercer provides to you, buy jewelry at their shop. It seems like such a little thing, to pick up some cheap jewelry at the mall, but trust me, it adds up. Smaller, independently owned businesses cannot stay open if you refuse to support them. So the next time you are bargain hunting on the internet, please remember, if your piercer is good to you, the best thing you can do to repay them is buy jewelry at their studio."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks Courtney :)