Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today has been fairly busy so far, but I finally have a little break to make my first update on here. I hope my web site will be done soon, I'm very excited for it.
I'm uploading 2 pictures I thought would be good to share. The first is of my friend Jeremy's ear. He came to visit me at work today and was sporting some snazzy 7/16 Hematite plugs that I sold to him.
The second is of a customer who is a very sweet girl who was brave enough to let me do my first pair of high nostril piercings on her. She sent me this photo of them that her friend took-They are about 5 months old in the picture. I don't think I will use the photo for my portfolio since I didn't take it, and since it also shows other piercings i did not do, but I thought the photo was really pretty. Her piercings are doing great and that makes me happy.

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