Sunday, March 13, 2011

piercing funk

Recently I've been noticing a lot of people asking me how they can avoid dreaded "piercing funk". You know, that old cheesy smell you piercing gets every now and then that you get on a healed piercing. For some people this is a daily struggle. The solution is fairly simple my friends; wash your piercings every day when you shower with a mild soap. For some reason a lot of people think once their piercing is healed they never have to touch it again, but just like the rest of your body your piercings collect dirt, dust and dead skin cells. Leave you piercing to collect all this grime causes a very less then pleasant odor. Imagine how bad your feet would smell if you never washed them! Some people may say washing your piercing every day is too much work; but would you say that about washing your hair or brushing your teeth?

My personal favorite soap for cleaning piercings is Dr. Bronners Castile Soap. If you dilute it(which you are supposed to do) it's very gentle and works very well in cleaning your healed piercing without irritating it. You can use any mild soap you'd like, but I would advise against anything anti-bacterial. It's very drying and harsh and many people have bad reactions to it. For some it's enough just to rinse your piercing well in the shower daily. You can try out some different methods and different soaps and see what works best for you; but please guys- wash your piercings!

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