Thursday, July 22, 2010


Over the past year or so I've been working really hard to become 100% comfortable with free-handing all my piercings. If you dont know what the difference is, it means piercing without the use of forceps to hold the skin. I'm not saying that clamps are terrible to use; in fact I know a lot of great piercers who use them. I also have become friends with a lot of good piercers who switched over to freehand, and I feel like after much research and personal practice that it makes a world of difference. Ive found it to make piercings less painful with less swelling and a faster healing time. I've also found that with many piercings it has become easier to freehand some things. After free-handing my first navel, I would never go back to the use of clamps. There are a few piercings which I have been struggling to feel comfortable without the use of clamps though: nipples, tongues, frenums and bridge piercings. I've been working to switch over all the way, but I will not pierce with a technique I am not comfortable with. Today was one of the first times I free-handed a nipple and felt awesome about it. It came out great. That is one more piercing I can check off the list. Today is a good day :)

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